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Weekly Worship

Every week, we offer two worship services. One each Sunday in person and on Zoom, and one on Wednesday evening on Zoom. 

Wednesday 7:30 PM

St. Thomas' Church

On Zoom

End the day with the prayers of Compline, or Night Prayer, the church’s official bedtime prayer. It is the last prayer of the liturgical day before retiring for a night’s rest. Compline invites us to pray for protection in three kinds of sleep: the natural sleep of night, the sleep of the soul in sinfulness, and the sleep of death at life’s end.

Sunday 10:00 AM

St. Thomas' Church

Croom, MD

Our main worship event of the week at St. Thomas' Church, Croom. This communion service features music, led by the parish choir, and on the first Sunday of each month children take leadership parts in the liturgy. Special seasonal or holiday events often take place at this hour too. The service is followed by a full coffee and fellowship hour.

Special Ceremonies

Our Parish will make any rite of passage ceremony memorable



We believe in one Baptism for the forgiveness of sins and welcome all people of any age to enter into the indissoluble bond that God has established for us.

IMG_0688 2.JPG


The little country church on the hill bids all who enter into matrimony, an extra measure of health, bounty, and a long life together.



During a family’s time of sorrow and loss, St. Thomas' provides a final resting place for a cherished loved one.

Special Ceremonies
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