Weekly Worship

Every week, we offer four worship services. Three on the weekend, and one on Wednesday evening. Weekend services are followed by a fellowship hour

Wednesday 7:30 PM

St. Thomas' Church

Croom, MD

A midweek contemplative prayer experience. This time of quiet prayer consists of reflection upon a text, and silent, group meditation. A perfect way to find a moment of God’s peace in the midst of your busy wee

Saturday 5:00 PM

Chapel of the Incarnation 

Brandywine, MD

Held at the Chapel of the Incarnation, a more contemporary and relaxed communion service, with sermon and music. We welcome not only humans seeking connection with God but their pets (leashed or crated) too! This service is followed by dinner in the Chapel Hall.

Sunday 8:00 AM

St. Thomas' Church

Croom, MD

Traditional communion service with a sermon, but no music, held at St. Thomas' Church, Croom. Start your week with a quiet, contemplative moment. On most weekends, our adult education group meets after this service.

Sunday 10:00 AM

St. Thomas' Church

Croom, MD

Our main worship event of the week at St. Thomas' Church, Croom. This communion service features music, led by the parish choir, and on the first Sunday of each month children take leadership parts in the liturgy. Special seasonal or holiday events often take place at this hour too. The service is followed by a full coffee and fellowship hour.

Centering Prayer

Christian Centering Prayer is a practice of sitting in silence before God. It is a method of prayer in which we experience God’s presence within us.


Centering Prayer is not meant to replace other forms of prayer; it is a prayerful discipline that helps us to progress in our spiritual journey. It helps us learn to rest in God and to bring that sense of prayerful rest and connection to God into other areas of our lives at times when we are not practicing Centering Prayer.


The Centering Prayer group at St. Thomas’ Church meets in the Church on Wednesday evenings at 7:30 pm. Everyone is welcome! 

Special Ceremonies

Our Parish will make any rite of passage ceremony memorable



We believe in one Baptism for the forgiveness of sins and welcome all people of any age to enter into the indissoluble bond that God has established for us.

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The little country church on the hill bids all who enter into matrimony, an extra measure of health, bounty, and a long life together.



During a family’s time of sorrow and loss, St. Thomas' provides a final resting place for a cherished loved one.

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