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Our Parish

St. Thomas' Church

The church at the Village Green.  Built-in the 18th Century, St. Thomas is an Episcopalian Church in the rural setting of Croom, Maryland. 

Chapel of the Incarnation

Chapel at the Crossroads.  In 1916 the cornerstone for this mission-style Chapel was laid in the railroad town of Brandywine, Maryland

Our Parish

St. Thomas' Church Cemetery

Included in the St. Thomas' Parish Historical District is their serene and peaceful cemetery which embodies the beauty of Southern Maryland.

St. Simon's Cemetery

Once part of the Historical St. Simon's Mission, this cemetery provides evidence of the early African-American community of Croom, Maryland.


Claggett Family Cemetery

The burial ground for the family of Bishop Thomas John Claggett, first Episcopal Bishop of Maryland and the first Episcopal Bishop to be consecrated on American soil.

Atonement Cemetery

The Atonement Cemetery is located in Cheltenham at the site of the former Church of the Atonement (1875).  The cemetery is owned and maintained by the parish.

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